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Welcome To Genie Sourcing

At Genie Sourcing we supply you with the products you need direct from the factory at the lowest possible cost and deliver them to you on time – every time. If you are looking for a complete Product Delivery solution where you can concentrate on the Sales and Growth of your business then we offer you a truly unique service. 

Factory Wholesale

Factory Prices with a UK Service - you get the best of both worlds.

Bolt-On Services

Product Development, Packaging, Samples, Terms & Price Negotiation, Order Expediting, Import, Delivery, Storage & FBA Prep

Amazon FBA

Tailor made service to help you sell more on Amazon. Free Consultation & Action Plan

We “Make It Happen” For Our Customers

  • Source New Products

  • Safe & Secure Factory Orders

  • Products Delivered On Time & Budget

  • Storage & Order Fulfilment Services

  • FBA Prep & Inventory management

  • Sales & Stock Forecasting

Here are some Top Reasons why you should Order with Genie Sourcing:


  • Brand your own products should you wish to and create extra value in your business

  • Better prices, order from the same places as wholesalers do to get their prices

  • More flexibility, customisation, smaller orders etc

  • No hassle for you, an end to end service so you can focus on the selling and what you do best

  • Freight all taken care of, import duties, forms, shipments, sizing, artwork and more

  • Optional storage, fulfilment and inventory management

  • Specialist help with Ebay and Amazon sales and marketing support

  • Help with Forecasting & Planning Next Orders to avoid stock outs

Who is this for? If any of the points below apply to you, get in touch

  • You  want to buy wholesale products direct from China at factory prices

  • You want help with logistics, importing and more

  • You want peace of mind when buying for your business

  • You want to add more value to your business by branding goods you sell

  • You want storage and fulfilment facilities

  • You want to sell on Amazon and/or Ebay and need specialist support with this

  • You have a product idea and you want it manufactured

  • You want to save time and focus on what you are good at

  • You are already a big seller on Amazon or other platforms and want to outsource the logistics and ordering processes.

Your most popular questions answered

What kind of products do you supply?
We can supply pretty much any product as long as there is a factory out there that is either already making that product or a product very similar or a factory that can make it with a tool or mould. But we find with most products we are tasked to source, there are many factories being able to offer their best price for what is required. Typically we supply Retail goods for sale online and/or offline. This could be Cookware, Cosmetics, Home & Garden, Sportswear, Health & Beauty to name a few categories that we have supplied for. We also supply packaging and consumables such as printed bags, coffee cups, napkins as well as promotional items such as stickers, pens and mugs/t-shirts.

Will this cost a lot?

This will cost less than ordering what you need through the usual UK wholesale way, how much less depends on how many you are ordering. Most wholesalers are selling you stock that is already on their shelves and they have to cover storage and other overheads, whereas we will be supplying the exact quantity you need direct from the factory so no overheads or wastage costs.

I already have a factory I am talking to, can we use them?

Yes if you have a factory that you are talking to already then, with your permission, we can communicate with them and get all the info needed in order to give you an All-Inclusive quotation and estimated delivery date. We will keep you CC’d in on any email between us and any contacts we speak to on your behalf.

How are you paid?

We add a very small % charge to each order which will cover absolutely everything we do on that order. Even with our charge we can save you money versus paying for your order through Paypal or using your business banking to make payments. Learn more here>

Is this going to be complicated for me?

Not at all, the opposite in fact. Everything is made clear and anything you don’t understand is explained clearly in English with all payments also being in British Pounds too. Our whole service is geared to making this as easy as possible.

How can I trust you? Who have you worked with?
To date, we have imported and delivered over £1.5million worth of retail products for Amazon & Ebay sellers. Most of our customers are husband and wife, small to medium size companies or in some cases, 2 or more friends in business together working together to achieve a common goal – Financial Freedom or more of it. We can provide recommendations on request.

Do you deal with small or large clients?

We deal with customers large and small. In fact, most of our customers started with small orders either because they were just starting out or they wanted to test us before place bigger orders. They have since gone on to putting all their online retail product orders through us due to the ease and cost savings we can deliver.

What guarantees are there?

We take every possible step to ensure a smooth risk free purchasing environment for our customers from verifying factories, implementing Quality Inspections and only using trusted, reliable and long standing partners in the supply chain. We also give our customers a Price Promise against any unforeseen costs on their orders, so you will be able to order with complete confidence.

Can I do this myself?

Yes you can do this yourself. We offer a “Ghost Buyer” service whereby you can copy us in on emails to your factory or freight company and we can step in at any time you need us – either to clarify a term they have used or if you believe they are being less than honest in the information provided. We are here to help.

Is your service flexible?

Yes our service is 100% flexible and tailor made to suit how you prefer to buy. We can either take care of your orders from end-to-end or take care of certain aspects of the process. For example you may just want us to handle the shipping once the goods are ready. In this instance, we would pre-arrange all the shipping and ensure timely delivery to you with minimal delays.

What savings can I expect to make?
Firstly, the biggest saving, will be your time. You will be able to simply give us the instructions on what you require and we will then translate and action that across all the relevant parties involved with your order – usually this is just the one factory but sometimes there can be multiple factories fulfilling one or more of your orders. If money is important to you, then we will also save you money by giving you better Dollar exchange rates, shipping costs and other fees that apply on your orders.

One big important saving we get for our customers is the import taxes and duties. It is still Standard Terms for most freight agents to charge you a % fee to handle the Import Clearance of your goods. This could be £100’s if not £1000’s just for entering your import into the HMRC database and printing off the clearance documents. We ensure all imports carry a deferment fee of no more than £25 per HS Code used.