We Do It For Less

For our customers that were or are using Paypal, they can use our service to purchase products direct from factories overseas, have every step of the process taken care of and still save money versus using Paypal.


Using Genie Sourcing you still get the safety benefits using Paypal to make payments to factories but you also get the order taken care of with Landed costs and Delivery dates calculated in advance of the order.

Below is a price comparison of Genie Sourcing versus Paypal based on a $5000 payment to the factory for the products and using the factories courier service pricing to give you an idea of the savings. As a comparison our Service Fee includes:

  1. Product Sourcing & Managing Samples

  2. Artwork & Packaging Files

  3. Pre Order Negotiation & Safety Checks

  4. Sales Confirmation Presented, Agreed and Implemented

  5. Regular Updates on production and shipping arrangements

  6. Payments to Factory, Invoice you in Pound Sterling

  7. Handling Shipping & Import at Destination Country

  8. Taking Delivery of Stock & Checking Quality & Quantity *Storage Fees also apply.

  9. Ongoing FBA inbound shipments as required

  10. Monthly stock take

And Paypal Service Fee includes:

  1. Safe transfer of your Money to your suppliers account.

Arguably, you could say we should start at Paypal’s rate and add more on top for all the other stuff we do. That is right but the whole point of doing what we do is to give our customers a better deal than they have at the moment. And it’s more exciting to say “We do it for less” instead of “We do it for the same price”.