Genie Wholesale

Factory Price - UK Wholesale Service


When you order bulk products or consumables through a UK wholesaler it is pretty simple - you select the product you want, get the price, make the order and await delivery. Invoices are in Pound £ and include VAT, everything is all straight forward. 

But the prices could be lower, a lot lower in some cases, but how can you get Factory Prices and still have that easy to use UK service? 

Introducing Genie Wholesale - We basically take all the work involved in ordering, paying, shipping and even sending your products into FBA along with bundling all the sampling, production, shipping and import charges together into a single order form - just like you would get when ordering from a UK wholesaler.

With our Wholesale service you can order any product from any factory in the world, have the Product Development, Ordering & Payments, Packaging, Shipping & Importing, Delivery, Storage and Amazon FBA or other Online Fulfilment taken care of all in one place and all under one invoice - payable in £ Sterling.

The very reason Genie Sourcing was founded was to help other buyers and business owners add new products to their inventory with minimal time and hassle involved. Being experienced buyers ourselves we know the workload involved in not only buying products but getting them in front of as many prospective customers as possible and making much needed sales. If you need help with Amazon listings and advertising etc, then check out our Amazon Help Page here >