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The Way It Should Be

We have imported over £1million worth of Private Label products for our Amazon and Ebay customers over the last 5 years. Our customers no longer tie themselves up in time consuming purchasing, delivery and stock handling tasks, instead spending their time concentrating on sales, profits and general time off. 

All our Wholesale & Work Orders are guaranteed – no quibble and no excuses, if we make a mistake then we cover the cost. We provide a Price Promise on all our purchase and work orders, so the price you see at the start is the price you pay – the onus is on us to make sure we include all costings to you at point of confirmation.

Hassle Free
We learn how you prefer to do business including preferred contact and discussion methods and adapt to you. You have a single account manager dedicated to looking after your orders and we aim not to ask you the same question twice.

Fully Visible & Adjustable
We provide reporting on all orders and work orders we are managing for you. With 100% transparency on operations and pricing, nothing is hidden or concealed with all costings, suppliers and methods used viewable at any time.

About Genie

Price Promise

Our Sales Confirmations provide clear and concise pricing for each purchase order placed. We include and outline every single cost associated with the PO and provide the Total Landed Cost for the order.

This includes:
> Product Cost Inc Any Set Up Charges
> Inspection & Other Post Production costs.
> Shipping, Import & Delivery Fees

With our Pricing Promise, the responsibility of the costs is undertaken by Genie Sourcing, meaning if we miss a costing at time of confirming the order, we will pay for it.

Quality & Quantity Guarantee

One of the biggest fear factors of purchasing from factories overseas and some suppliers closer to home, is what is going to be delivered, how many will be delivered and what kind of quality will they consist of.

We guarantee every order we process on your behalf that both the Quality and the Quantity of each product will be as per your exact specifications. Any shortfall in either one of these is covered by our Guarantee. We replace the purchase cost of any items that are either not delivered or deemed none suitable for sale.

Due to this we take every possible step to prevent any shortfalls on your order as we believe prevention is better than the cure. We check every detail and request and make sure it is clearly understood and outlined for all to see, we apply a Quality inspection to check finished goods for any defects, mistakes and shortfalls in quantities and we monitor the delivery of goods through reputable and reliable shipping partners to ensure secure delivery of your goods.

ON TIME Deliveries

Knowing the delivery date of a purchase order and having confidence in that Estimated Delivery Date makes a big difference when it comes to planning sales. With each purchase order comprising of more than one step, each with their own time frame, it can be easy to see Expected Delivery dates slide with multiple unforeseen delays.
We take every possible lead time involved with each purchase order and build in some buffer time to allow for some delays along the way and provide an achievable and more accurate Expected Delivery Date that can be relied upon.


What You Need, When you Need It

Our service is helping you to handle all your purchase orders from factories abroad and in the UK – whether you want to take full advantage of our full expediting service or just need help in certain areas, we will provide you with a tailor made solution that suits how you buy.

Wholesale Direct

Best of Both Worlds

With our Wholesale Direct service our customers enjoy simple invoicing including VAT and payable in GBP Sterling whilst still taking advantage of factory prices. Genie takes all the costs of each purchase order, wraps them all up into a single easy to understand Sales Confirmation, locks in all the prices and gives you a Confirmed Landed Cost or Total Invoiced Value covered by our Pricing Promise.

Buyer Assist

The help you need, when you need it.

Our service range starts at the ideas and product sourcing stage and includes all buying, shipping and goods handling tasks up to where goods are ready in hand for sale. Each step and task is supplied in a Tick List form for you to select exactly which parts you need our assistance with. Pick any part of the supply chain you want us to handle and report on.

All Part Of The Service

Pre Order Checks

Expedited Shipments

Landed Unit Cost


Fast Response Contact

We aim to respond to all contacts within the hour during 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday and by following business day before Noon outside these hours. When we are online ready to help, you will see our Live Chat icon in the bottom right corner of any page on our website.  If it is not visible then please send us an email or fill out the quick contact form below. 

Contacting us couldn't be easier. For fast responses use our Live Chat window to speak to us right away, You can find the Live Chat Icon fixed to the bottom right hand corner of each page. Or Call, Email or Message us for a timely response.

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