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What Our Customers Have Said About Us & Our Services.

Rocky @ Genie Sourcing added massive value to my Amazon businesses. From factory vetting to shipments,long term storage, barcoding, design, labelling and fulfilment. Rocky helped with taxation, landing costs and dealt with factories in China for a very fair fee. If you want to save time on your Amazon business or other import business and want someone trustworthy and diligent, certainly worth going to Rocky and Genie Sourcing.... Just don't make him too busy that he cannot help me anymore!

I am based in USA and have used Genie Sourcing to source & manage my orders of products. It's simple and easy.

I have my own Amazon business and I have recently been asking Genie to proof read and correct my artwork files on all my products for me - gives me extra piece of mind.

Genie Looked at all of my sales and previous order data and created a forecast of both orders and cashflow - i am now running out of stock a lot less thanks to their help.

My Amazon business was getting on top of me but luckily i found Genie Sourcing who started to take more and more of the work load off my hands - at last I am in a place where I can relax knowing it's all taken care of.

Having limited space i could never order big enough quantities to get the lower prices i needed to be more competitive - but Genie Sourcing take delivery of all my orders - large and small - and store them for me. They even send it all in to amazon for me too, which makes my life even easier.

Shipment turned up on time and at the price quoted - thank you Genie.

Used Genie to get my products inspected before they left the factory - the report was very detailed and felt like i understood everything thanks to their tremendous patience :).